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Spend your trust fund how you deserve, without losing the benefits you count on.

Dealing with government agencies and attorneys can make you feel lost and alone in a maze of rules and regulations. It can feel like you’ll never get what you deserve - and you might even lose the benefits you already have. CPT Institute is a non-profit committed to helping you protect your benefits while using your trust fund to live a comfortable life.

Our Mission

CPT Institute has been helping people with disabilities or injuries protect what matters most since 1994. We are a non-profit organization ensuring that using the trust funds you’re entitled to doesn’t affect your eligibility for your health insurance or income. Our Trust Officers are here to help you and serve your best interests - not a government agency or a broker. Learn more about our mission.

How We Can Work Together

Our consultations are always unbiased and free as a part of our tax-exemption as a 501(c)(3) charity. Learn how to plan for the future and/or maintain eligibility for important government benefits.

How We Educate and Advocate

Trusts and benefits can be complicated - even frustrating at times. CPT is your guide through all the rules and regulations you need to follow to get the help you deserve. We believe in educating and informing our clients with everything they need to know so they can become informed about their rights. We empower you and advocate for you - learn more about what you need to know.

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