We provide education and resources to preserve & protect your eligibility for Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) & In Home Support Services (IHSS).

How Can CPT Institute Help You?

We specialize in Pooled Special Needs Trusts and have state-approved trusts in 48/50 States.

CPT Institute is a 501( C)(3) National Non-profit Trustee that provides no-cost consultations , education & resources to the public and legal community to protect government benefits.

Our very low-cost trust programs protect government benefit eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicaid and In Home Support Services (IHSS).

Why Choose CPT Institute

For over 25 years, CPT Institute has helped preserve government benefits for the injured and at risk. We've served over 10,000 clients across 48 states with one of the lowest cost national trust programs available in America.

Why choose CPT Institute trust programs
  • You are given a direct calendar link to your assigned trust administrator.
  • Our trust programs are taxed at a much lower rate based on your income and dividends earned.
  • Our trust programs are NOT taxed at trust tax code rates which range from 37% to 42%
  • We are nationwide, you can move around the United States as needed without changing your trustee.
  • Our charity itself is your trustee so as team members change, it will not affect your trust account.
  • You can represent yourself or have an advocate/representative that can change as often as you like.
  • We are a great choice when you need a generational trustee that can follow and protect your loved one throughout their lifetime.

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