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Why Choose CPT?

Why Choose CPT?

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Special Needs Trust Complete Guide


A brief comparison of all the programs offered by CPT

First-Party Special Needs Trust (SNT)

Used to preserve eligibility for means-tested benefits such as Medicaid and/or Supplemental Security Income.

Preserves eligibility for individuals utilizing a Medicare Set-Aside (a countable asset for means-tested benefits).

Third-Party Special Needs Trust

Funds given to the recipient of means-tested benefits (such as Medicaid and/or Supplemental Security Income) from a third-party to preserve eligibility.

Typically an inheritance.

Medicaid does not have a right to recover on funds at time of trust termination.

Settlement Management Trust (SMT)

Used to protect from misappropriation and/or when the client will have an anticipated need for means-tested benefits in (such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income) in the future.

Has trigger powers to transfer into a Special Needs Trust to protect eligibility at any time.

Minors Settlement Trust (CA only)

Used when a minor needs access to settlement funds prior to age of majority and does not need to preserve eligibility for means-tested benefits (such as Medicaid and/or Supplemental Security Income).

Spend Down

Typically used for small settlements when the client needs to preserve eligibility for needs-based benefits.

Will provide a client with everything they need to know to complete this economic solution.

Court Support

CPT Institute has been establishing and administering trusts for over 25 years.

Pricing and Funding


Have you noticed that very few trustees and administrators publish their fees? It’s because they have hidden fees and information that will surprise you down the road. At CPT Institute, we stay transparent so you’re fully informed about our services and prices.


Instructions to fund your trust and Medicare set-aside account.

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