Now that trust documents have been signed, CPT Institute is ready to receive funds in your trust account. Once we receive funding, an account will be established for you, the Trust Beneficiary. The financial institution that we work with, Charles Schwab, takes roughly 3-10 business days to open an account once funding has been received. Once the bank confirms your account has been opened, CPT Institute will send you a welcome email (or welcome letter). This email (or letter) will provide you with more information on what you can expect. If you have not heard from CPT Institute since signing trust documents, it means that we are still waiting on funds. CPT Institute cannot move forward until funds have been received.


As part of our internal checks and balances, the Trust Setup Team (Trust Officers and Case Managers) do not work in the Trust Administration Department. They do not have authority to process requests. Please call our Trust Administration Department for questions related to your trust account. If the Trust Administration Team is unable to meet your needs, they will make sure to engage the appropriate parties to find a solution.

Once funds are received, please be sure to interact directly with the Trust Administration Team.


Communication ‒ The Trust Administration Team is available during normal business hours to take your calls and answers questions that you may have regarding your trust account. If you are unable to connect with a Trust Administrator, please leave a message with your name and reason for your call. The Trust Administration Team returns calls within 24 hours during normal business hours. To respect all of our Trust Beneficiaries, calls will be returned in the order they were received. Please do not call repeatedly. This only delays the process in returning your call. Trust Beneficiaries that call repeatedly, over three times, will be automatically sent to voicemail.

Disbursement Request Processing ‒ The Trust Administration Team needs between 24 ‒ 48 hours to process and approve routine disbursement requests from the time of submission during their normal business hours. Irregular or large expenses (i.e. cars, homes, etc.) may require more time to approve. Our system will send a notification via email or text message to you when your request has been approved. If you do not receive a notification, it is because we did not have your authorization to send you a notification or we did not receive your request. Please feel free to call the Trust Administration Team to confirm your request was received.


CPT Institute designed an internal tracking system with our Trust Beneficiaries in mind. For that reason, all calls and emails are automatically attached to a beneficiaries electronic file and can be read or listened to at any time by our Trust Administration Team for quality control purposes. This allows our beneficiaries to work with any Trust Administrator and avoid delays when a team member is out of the office.

During your first ninety days, our goal is to make sure we address general questions on how to work with us and provide you with the tools you need to process disbursement requests with no to minimal support from the Trust Administration Team.

During your orientation, a Trust Administrator will be assigned to you directly. Every month during your first ninety days, the Trust Administrator will follow up with you to confirm that you feel confident submitting disbursement requests and interacting with our team. After the ninety days, your original Case Manager will reach out to get feedback on the performance of the Trust Administration Team. This will be another opportunity for a CPT Team Member to evaluate if you feel confident in using your new trust account. At the end of this call, a short survey will be offered for you to express your thoughts, opinions, and constructive feedback on how CPT can improve the onboarding process. If required, the Case Manager will then coordinate any necessary improvements with our Trust Administration Team.

Welcome to our CPT Institute family!