Purchase of a Vehicle Form

In order for CPT to consider the purchase of a vehicle using trust assets you must supply the information requested below.

Value of Trust Account:

Price of vehicle:



Percentage ownership by beneficiary:

Purpose of vehicle purchase:

How often will vehicle be used?

What will it cost to insure vehicle and how will it be paid?

How do you plan to pay for maintenance?

Is there any warranty on the vehicle?

Has the vehicle been examined by a mechanic?

Does the beneficiary have a license and are they capable of driving?

Will anyone else besides the beneficiary be driving the vehicle? If yes, who?

Required Documentation:

  • A Carfax or similar report is required on all used vehicle purchases. The cost of reports can be paid from the beneficiary’s account.
  • A written estimate. Kelly Blue Book estimates may be submitted. If value is substantially different than estimated price, additional documentation may be necessary.
  • Proof of current insurance or pending insurance. If drivers are covered under the beneficiary’s policy, only proof of the beneficiary’s policy is required. If the beneficiary is not a licensed driver, proof of the actual driver(s)’ insurance is required.
  • Proof of a current driver’s license for all planned drivers
  • If the beneficiary is not a licensed driver, documentation relating to alternative transportation. (Taxis, wheelchair transports, bus passes, rail service, etc...) Most services have reduced rates for the disabled. If no alternative transportation means are appropriate, please explain why.


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