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Means-Tested Benefits
(Needs Based)

Resource and Income test required for eligibility


  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Traditional Medicaid (Medi-cal in CA) - disabled and unable to earn gainful employment
  • Housing Voucher (HUD, Section 8)
  • Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) who receive less than the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) rate.

Income-Based Benefits

Has an income test for eligibility. NO ASSET TEST!


  • Expanded Medicaid - low income and are able to earn gainful employment
  • VA Benefits

If your client has the following, no consultation needed.


Entitlement Benefits

Generally not affected by a settlement (excluding the state offset, when applicable)


  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) - only if the amount is greater than the Fed SSI rate
  • Social Security Retirement
  • Social Security Survivor Benefits
  • Medicare (excluding MSP compliance)

*CAUTION: Low wage earners with SSDI may be have SSI which makes them eligible for state Medicaid in most states


Disability "Means-Tested" Benefits (often Needs - Based)
= Income, Assets, and Resources Rules apply

Disability Benefits "Means-tested" refers to benefits that would be lost by accepting a settlement due to state- imposed income and resource limits. The most common of these benefits are Medicaid, In Home Support Services (IHSS), and long-term care services. It is often the only form of health insurance available to those with limited taxable work history.

Income - Based Benefits
= Only Income Rules Apply

The cost of these benefits may be increased by accepting a settlement, but they are not typically lost. Eligibility will be based on household MAGI income. At age 65, clients on income-based Medicaid switch to means-tested/traditional. Those with Medicaid Set-Aside not held in trust can jeopardize their Medicaid eligibility.

Entitlement Benefits
= No Income or Asset Rules Apply

These benefits represent that they have been prepaid through taxes in work history. They are generally not affected by a settlement (excluding the state offset, when applicable.)

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