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CPT Institute

Here what happens next? 

The purpose of the no cost consultation is to frame an action plan and potential trust set up with one of your assigned CPT Representative. 

  1. Have you checked your email? A Google Meeting Confirmation was sent via email 
  2. Click Yes to confirm you are attending the meeting
  3. Please note you will receive a series of Calendly Reminders to confirm your attendance at the Consultation.

At the time of the meeting: 

  1. Please join the meeting link provided from your Google Calendar Invite this will link you to a Google Meets Conference Call where one of our Directors and your Assigned Representative will be present.
  2. If you would like us to call you in, please let your CPT Representative know. Please note that the outgoing number will filter a different area code so do not be alarmed at the time of the meeting.
  3. If you need a translator, please let us so we can account for more time during the Case Consult. Please note we do have Spanish-speaking staff in-house.

Here is our Meeting Agenda (45 MIN) MAX

  1. CPT Introduction and Review of the Case Intake Sheet (10 Minutes)
  2. Q&A (20 Minutes)
  3. Case Analysis with the Client, Family Member, and/or Attorney (10 Minutes)
  4. Final Thoughts, Key Takeaways, and Next Action (5 Minutes)

If you would like a more extensive understanding and training such as Government Benefits, Evaluating the Need for a Special Needs Trust, etc. Please visit and book a training here.