Other Questions to Ask a Trustee

  1. Does the Trustee have a transparent fee schedule absent of hidden fees when questioned?
  2. Do they reject the practice of limiting spending a certain amount or percentage of the trust corpus a client can spend at once based on his/her needs?  (See Conflicts of Interest for more information.)
  3. Do they maintain a call center where a client can get questions answered at no additional charge?
  4. Do they have online portals or mobile applications to make it easier to access your account?
  5. Do they have an automated notification system (i.e. email, call or text) to keep clients informed of disbursements?
  6. Do they use Secured VISA Cards that are used like a credit card to increase access to the account?
  7. Do they regularly participate in an independent third-party audit of their financials? 
  8. Do they log calls and communication to more thoroughly investigate and resolve client disputes?
  9. Do they waive administration fees on Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) funds?

When using CPT Institute, we provided all the above with no hidden fees.