Design a Plan

At CPT Institute we work routinely to think of the best process and procedures to relay this information to you in a simple fashion.

Please download here for the Attorneys Checklist which goes over the typical process of how to work with CPT Institute.

Identify if my Client Needs CPT Institute’s Services

First answer these questions:

  • Is your client and/or your client’s family member?
  • Disabled or no longer able to work?
  • Receiving “Traditional Medicaid” & no longer able to work?
  • Receiving “SSDI as a low wage earner” SSDI less than state SSI rate?
  • Receiving “IHSS” In home support services?
  • A minor or lacks capacity?
  • Fearful of misappropriation of funds?

If you and your client answer, Yes to all these questions, please book a consultation.
Here is our Step by Step Quick Reference Guide that will assist you on the Trust Set up Flow with CPT Institute.

Book a No-Cost Consultation

During a consultation, your assigned CPT Representatives will help you identify solutions for your client’s situation. We will determine whether one of our trust services will be the best solution or provide you different alternatives for your client. We will discuss how the trust operates and the government’s rules and regulations.

How do I prepare?

  • To get better acquainted with our company you can book a case consult with just yourself to ensure that you and your assigned team is on the same page
  • Be prepared to schedule an additional meeting that includes your client.
  • Provide your client with our Brochure and website and during the consult we will introduce our mission and vision.

Book a Signing

To ensure your client successfully transitions into our program, your assigned CPT Representatives is required to go through the trust documents with your client to ensure that the expectations are set.

How do I and or my client prepares for the signing?

  • Please see our Signing Checklist in our Step by Step Quick Reference Guide that will assist you on the Trust Set up Flow with CPT Institute.

Fund the Trust

Use our "Funding Page" to identify the appropriate funding instructions.
All parties will be notified once the funds are available for the client’s use. Keep in mind, checks can take 2-10 days to clear.

MSA funds go directly to MSA Professional Administration, but are titled to ensure CPT Institute as Trustee maintains ownership and it remains an exempt asset for eligibility purposes.

A Trust Administration will reach out to your client to schedule a orientation with your Client.