Week Before a Hearing

Step 1: Confirm Hearing Date

Follow up with the applicable source to make sure we are still confirmed for the hearing;

hearing time, date, location on the Meeting App. (Note Time Zone Especially) Make sure all is correct. If ED fails to attend or is late, he may be sanctioned, fined, or detained. 

Step 2: One week prior to the hearing date, follow up with the source to confirm if the court has provided any notes.

Be sure to review notes from the court examiner and bring up any deficiencies/questions to the applicable Director. Prepare anticipated solutions for each deficiency identified and review with Director prior to responded to source attorney. 

Step 3: Add a task to ensure Executive is to review all documentation and references (Step 5) review notes from the court examiner so he is fully prepared for the hearing and any Judge’s questions. Attach to all documents the task  

DISCLAIMER: If this is Probate Court – Check for Probate Examiner Notes – Check in with the attorney and court website the morning of the hearing. Note: If the hearing is approaching within a month there will be no examiner notes maybe until the morning of the hearing. 

Step 4: Schedule a Brief with Executive at least 2 Days prior to the hearing

If the attorney is not responsive prior to a hearing, let ED know so he can contact them via email or phone.   

Step 5: Make sure Executive marked attending