Trust Setup Flow


Schedule a Consultation

  • Complete a Case Intake Form and send it to your assigned CPT Representative
  • Book a Case Consultation to qualify your Client
  • Receive your Case Consultation Confirmation Email with Agenda

Attend Consultation to Frame a Plan of Action for your Client

  • Conduct a Case Consultation
  • CPT Institute answers all initial questions
  • Complete your CPT Institute Consultation Survey

Perform Actions to Settle the Case

If the client would like to proceed with the trust, CPT Institute will need all applicable related documents to establish a Special Needs Trust. We can also assist with preparing any documents and assist in court if needed.

All the following must be sent to CPT Institute:

  • Approved Court/Settlement Documents
  • A copy of the Client's signed Social Security Card
  • Client's Information Form

If Structured Settlement Involved:

  • Final Structured Settlement/Annuity Quote
  • Finalized Annuity Contract

If a Medicare Set-Aside is involved:

  • MSA Allocation Report
  • CMS Approval Letter

Sign Trust Document

Schedule a Signing with the CPT Representative and your Client. As the source or attorney, your presence is not required at the signing, but it is highly welcomed.

All the following are required by CPT Institute:

  • Ensure we have a copy of the Client's signed Social Security Card on file.
  • Full legal names and contact information for potential remainder beneficiaries of trust funds should be known before the meeting.
  • A witness over 18 (or a notary) is required to complete the signing.
  • Please have the Client watch our 6-minute signing video (available in English and Spanish)
  • We will need the Executed Trust Documents and Spending Plan


Fund the Trust

  • Signed documents must be received in order for CPT Institute to accept the trust funding. If signed documents are not received, CPT Institute will return your check. Please allow 3-5 business days for the bank to activate the account.
  • Your CPT Representative will send over the appropriate funding instructions.
  • Please send funds to CPT Institute. Please note, reception of the check is based on mailing logistics. In addition, it takes approximately 3-5 business days for the funds to clear in the bank.
  • Your and your Client will receive a confirmation email that the funds have been received and the trust is now activated.

Trust is Now Active

Starting a new chapter is exciting, but it also means learning a new process. Here are some helpful tips to ensure this transition goes smoothly for everyone.

  • Educate the client on what to expect after approval by directing them to our "What's Next" webpage.
  • Defer to the experts at CPT Institute. You're often the Client’s trusted "fix-it person", but we want to take on that role now. Always direct your client to us first to avoid teaching them a bad habit of engaging you for trust-related questions.
  • Inform us of changes. If the Client moves or changes their plans, please let us know so we can plan appropriately.

Disclaimer: This resource provided by CPT Institute is for informational purposes only and are intended to be used as a non-legal guide prior to consultation with an attorney familiar with your specific legal situation. CPT Institute is not engaged in the practice of law or in rendering legal advice or counsel. No such legal advice or counseling is either expressly or impliedly intended. If you require legal advice, you should seek the services of an attorney.