Hearing Help from CPT Institute

How can CPT(Community and Professional Training)Institute help at your hearings as a nationwide non-profit trustee and 501(c)(3) charity?

Whether you are setting up a Special Needs Trust (SNT), Pooled Special Needs Trust (PSNT), Minors Trust, or a Settlement Management Trust (SMT), having a member of our team at your hearing will help prevent a continuance.

At CPT Institute, we have established over 10,000 trusts nationwide over the past twenty-five years. After attending thousands of hearings, let’s discuss the most common errors we have experienced.

The most common reasons hearings are continued in Civil Court, Probate, and Workers Compensation Appeals boards are similar.

The most common deficiencies are:

  1. Provide the court proof of fifteen notices to applicable state agencies and or interested heirs to the estate.
  2. Please provide a copy of the trust documents unsigned until you have a judge’s order.
  3. Provide edited “Declaration” from our director declaring who and what CPT Institute is as the proposed trustee.

When filing a compromise petition, the most common errors are:

  1. You submit signed trust documents before court approval.
  2. You name the remainder beneficiaries for a minor or person who lacks capacity.  Most states do not allow trust remainder beneficiaries to be named in advance when the client lacks capacity or is a minor.
  3. You need to identify applicable probate codes for the examiner.

When working with a team member, provide any examiner notes to address any deficiencies named before the hearing date. Ask for our director’s cell so you can text as needed when you arrive at the hearing. Thank you for working with CPT Institute. We are always here to help. www.cptinstitute.org