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If your client is on Medicaid and is not returning to work, a settlement over $2,000 will likely cause them to lose their health insurance. In many cases, it affects the spouse and children too.

We help preserve government benefits like Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income by identifying options for your client. If a Special Needs Trust is needed, we can provide instant set-up and act as Trustee at the lowest cost possible. Keep in mind, no one at CPT Institute has any financial incentives for establishing trust accounts.

Just use this link to book a consultation directly on our calendar and it will automatically send you an invitation and reminders. We make protecting the injured streamlined, so no need to send referral forms or emails beforehand.

  • Discovery Call (15m): If you want to “kick the tires” or discuss sensitivities that should be discussed without the client.
  • Full Case Consultation (30m): If your client meets the criteria above, go ahead and book this appointment and invite them.

I hope we can work together to protect the injured and at-risk.

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